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Have you seen the news from E3 2009?

See the videos from Microsoft's Project Natal and Sony's motion controller
Touchless is conceptually similar to those projects, but was not used in their development.
With Touchless you can create similar natural interaction experiences using only a webcam!

What is Touchless?

Touchless is a fun, webcam multi-"touch" object tracking SDK project.
Watch the Touchless video and try the newest demos including the new mouse control demo!
Check out Lucian Wischik's exciting game Stay In The Game and VB sample project!
  • Simulate multi-"touch" input with M&Ms, tennis balls, or markers
  • Fun games, demos, community projects, and an extensible demo application
  • SDK with good documentation, add multi-"touch" to your own applications
  • Free and open-source project, games, and demos

What's Next?

Learn more and join the community of users and contributors.

Touchless needs you!

We have some great ideas to improve Touchless for users and developers alike. Together, we can create compelling, natural, and fun user experiences. Unfortunately, I have no regular contributors to the project, and a lot of my ideas and your feedback are falling to the wayside. Consider this your personal invitation to join the Touchless project as a contributor!

Unleash the power of your webcam!

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