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help needed threading

Jul 30, 2011 at 11:34 PM

hey michwass hey guys :), in the begining i'd like to thank you for your library it's easy to implement and  fun to use , im trying to include your library on my hexapod robot  project and i've been facing some problems , you see basically what my program does is that it sends data to my robot  via the serial port and i have used your library to help me with the video processing and between each time i send a command to the serial port i have to add a tiny time delay and used threading to do this function for example;

serialport.write("whatever data im sennding here");



note i added a new  serial port device and i included system,threading namespace in the begining of my program

when the robot isn't moving i don't have any problems the bitmaps drawn in my picturebox keep changing with a constant fps but when the robot starts moving the last bitmap drawn freezes in the picturebox till the the robot stops , and i get nothing from the camera while the robot is moving , so i was wondering if there's a way to overcome this problem ?

 by the way  the examples i found in the demo was so helpfull and the helped me alot to understand how to work with the library but im wondering if a tutorial counld be added to teach me how to include the patch files i want to try to store the markers instead of having to create new ones everytime, please reply soon thanks for help and work so far :)