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Challenge! Improve webcam mirroring

Oct 13, 2008 at 11:02 PM
Fatal Exception | Neil McAllister in his review of Touchless on  he said:
"Not everything went smoothly. The demo apps seemed to expect the video feed from my Webcam to work like a mirror, not a camera. But my Webcam doesn't flip the image along the vertical axis. When I move my hand to the right, the marker in the onscreen video moves left -- and so does the Touchless cursor."

How can we make this better?  It's not clear if didn't know a mirroring option is normally available in the webcam option dialog or if his webcam didn't support mirroring.  Both cases could be true.
For the first maybe Touchless should auto detect and set vertical mirroring.
For the second, can we find out how common it is?  If it is common for modern webcams to lack this functionality could we do this in software?

- qhawk