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Touchless library source code execution

Oct 9, 2013 at 7:31 PM
I am doing a project using touchless library I wanted to study the touchless I have downloaded the from link..
extracted and

when i try to run the exe file from
Touchless_Source_Code\Touchless\bin\Debug\touchless.exe its running

but when i run the project file from
\Touchless_Source_Code\Touchless\Samples\TouchlessDemo\ here I run TouchlessDemo C# project file is throwing error

Error 1 "The command "copy E:\Browser Vision\Touchless_Source_Code\Touchless\Samples\TouchlessDemo....\bin\Release\WebCamLib.dll E:\Browser Vision\Touchless_Source_Code\Touchless\Samples\TouchlessDemo\bin\Debug\WebCamLib.dll" exited with code 1. TouchlessDemo"

Could you please find me a solution for this....