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Friendly User Guide: "Hands-on to Touchless SDK"

Oct 26, 2009 at 8:27 PM

Hey Mike,

I've seen your video interviews/presentations and you’ve express that you would like businesses to use your Touchless SDK. I don't know to what degree that has happened yet, but you should create a very user friendly manual and programming guide for your Touchless SDK. I know you have the help files, but they assume a good degree of programming experience. I would say 10-15% of the population would love to use your Touchless SDK either as a hobby or for business applications. However, roughly 5% of the population can program code, or have some experience/expose to it. Of that 5%, maybe 2% have the expertise in programming to be able to pick up the Touchless SDK and use it effectively.  If you created an easy to understand user manual directed to the beginner programmer, or a willing programmer who has almost no experience, you would increase your audience by 500%.   People are also a lot more likely to use something like this in the work/professional environment if they feel comfortable with it before hand (as a hobby at home).

It's too late for me to use this manual to its full benefit (I've struggled through it already with my limited programming experience), but I bet it would get hundreds of other people's attention and bring the Touchless SDK up to its full potential.  Something that seems obvious to an experienced programmer like yourself can be very unintuitive and scary to the rest of us.



Oct 30, 2009 at 2:39 AM

Hey Mahhari, thanks for the suggestion and for bearing with the project!

The C# Walkthrough Sample video, explains how to write that very simple intro project in the repository.

Lucian also made a minimal VB project that I will try to host in our respository soon.

Having graduated 'Touchless 101' can you post tips/questions for a new developer FAQ/documentation?

I can't write a guide for non-programmers, but will gladly simplify&clarify code, docs, samples, etc.

I also hope that the community has been helpful through this discussion board!

- Mike

Oct 30, 2009 at 4:17 AM

Hi Mike,

Yeah I can post tips and questions I came across using Touchless SDK. I'm just starting my use with it, I'll keep a record of my adventure and post when I'm done.

I think you hit it on the spot when you said simplify docs.  The Touchless SDK help files are very brief and I found/find it hard to visualize how to implement the classes and methods correctly and what to expect exactly as a return.   A more descriptive explanation of all the methods and how to use them would be priceless. Also writing them in simple basic grade 5 English would make it easier to understand for beginner programmer who aren't familiar to all the special programming lingo.  If you included simple code (including all the aspects of code needed so it can be copy and pasted to be played around with) to show how to use that specific method would also speak a thousand words. To further with this, you may also instead consider a walkthrough booklet of a program that develops slowly using almost all the methods available. So it starts off just adding a camera, and explains how/why it works; by the end you have a complete complex program using almost all Touchless SDK's feature in one continous program! So a Step-by-Step construction of a program 100% using Touchless assuming a beginner programmer audience.
Nov 1, 2009 at 8:29 PM
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