Featured Touchless Users and Community Members

Community Member Zot

Zot created Ideldes, an impressive sign language interpreter. The project captures gestures made ​​by the user's gloved hand with colored fingers, interpreting and translating. The application helps users learn sign language, verifying that registered signs are done correctly. Watch the video demonstration and visiting the project homepage

Community Member Thayine

Thayine is a student of Informatics Institute of Technology in Sri Lanka, affiliated with University of Westminster, UK. She developed "ChangeIt", a novel final year project that allows users to augment their appearance with virtual jewelry in real time. ChangeIt uses Touchless SDK to manipulate virtual images over a live camera feed with natural user interface techniques; very cool! Watch the video demonstration and offer feedback on this great project.

Community Member Lucian Wischik

Lucian is a developer for Microsoft in Visual Studio Managed Languages. He created an extremely fun and unique game using Touchless SDK called "Stay In the Game". His game is written in Visual Basic and soon to be featured on Channel9 (I'll have the link for you soon). Beyond encouraging violence* through the highly physical gameplay of "Stay In The Game"; Lucian also put together a simple VB sample for Touchless SDK. Both projects will soon be hosted here, but for now, visit his MSDN Code Gallery page to scoop up his awesome projects.
*Of course we don't encourage violence :-)

Community Member Jonathan Synnott (jsynnott)

Jonathan is a university student at the University of Ulster, Jordanstown in Northern Ireland. His final year project is creating a PC game that uses Touchless and a microphone as input. Check out his blog for more info and definitely check out his great videos.

Community Member Papnkukn

Papnkukn developed several cool projects using Touchless [projects and videos|http://www.papnkukn.net/touchless]. TouchlessWPF is a very cool and simple WPF interface to Touchless. TouchlessKnight is a marker/mouse powered game that puts you in the seat of the Knight's Tour Problem. TouchlessCircuit lets you design circuits by manipulating individual elements with a marker/mouse. TouchlessCanvas is a general WPF component that simplifies WPF development with Touchless.

Contributor John Conwell

John wrote the managed version of WebCamLib that was recently commited to our source control. John is interested in NVIDIA CUDA support development.

Contributor Szymon Kobalczyk

Szymon wrote a WPF version of TouchlessLib and TouchlessDemo [project source|http://cid-4c7ec0c2176a0b0d.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Public/Touchless%7C_20081028.zip] using Jeremiah Morrill's WPF MediaKit. Szymon is interested in WPF control development, and helping Touchless improve performance and reduce dependencies.

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