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What is the Touchless SDK?
The Touchless SDK is an open source SDK for .NET applications. It enables developers to create multi-touch based applications using a webcam for input. Color based markers defined by the user are tracked and their information is published through events to clients of the SDK. In a nutshell, the Touchless SDK enables touch without touching.

What is the Touchless Demo?
The Touchless Demo is an open source application that anyone with a webcam can use to experience multi-touch, no geekiness required. The demo was created using the Touchless SDK and Windows Forms with C#.

What does open source mean?
Open source means the source code for the Touchless SDK and Demo is available for anyone to see, to use and to contribute to. For more information on open source check out the Open Source Initiative.

Are there any restrictions to using the Touchless SDK and Demo code?
Yes. Touchless License uses the Microsoft Public License (MS-PL).

Why is Touchless open source?
There is so much potential with Touchless, however Office Labs has limited resources so we would want to encourage anyone to contribute and benefit from this project.

What are the requirements for Touchless?
Windows Vista or Windows XP
Webcam (Most webcams should work)
Color Markers (M&Ms, marker caps, painted finger nails, etc.)

What types of webcams are supported?
DirectX 9 DirectShow compliant webcams. Most webcams should work.
We used Microsoft LifeCams VX-3000, VX-6000, and many others.

How can I try out the Touchless demo?
Download the newest version
In the extracted directory, run "\bin\Release\TouchlessDemo.exe"

Where can I find additional instructions?
Download the newest version
Find additional instructions provided in the project "\Documentation\Touchless.rtf"
You can also watch our video walkthrough of creating a drawing application

Who developed the Touchless SDK and Demo?
Touchless was created by Mike Wasserman initially as a college project to provide a cheap way to experience multi-touch capabilities, without expensive hardware or software. Mike joined Microsoft as a developer on the Office Graphics team and continues to work on this project on his own time. Mike received support from Office Labs, which offers assistance to grassroots innovators at Microsoft.

What type of assistance did the Touchless project receive from Office Labs?
Office Labs provided Mike with resources to help design, implement and release the SDK and demo.

Will Touchless be integrated into a Microsoft product?
There are no plans for Touchless to be integrated into a Microsoft product.

How can I get support for Touchless?
You are request support in the Discussions section.

How can I share feedback and ideas on Touchless?
You can share your feedback and ideas in the Discussions section.
You can also vote on feature requests or post your own in the Issue Tracker section.

How can I post my demo here or contribute to Touchless?
Request access by getting in touch with Mike Wasserman

I have a question that isn’t answered here. What should I do?
You can ask your questions in the Discussions section.
You can also get in touch with Mike Wasserman

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