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Touchless Quotes

  • “Like Microsoft Surface and Touchwall, the Touchless software makes it possible to create applications that turn hand gestures and physical objects into an input device like a mouse.” - Erick Schonfeld, TechCruch
  • "Microsoft lab rats have been in the dungeon cooking up some new software and technology and the results are very cool. I think the innovative side of Microsoft is starting to come out.” - Gates & Jobs: Microsoft and Apple's Epic Battle
  • “The Touchless project is a good example of Microsoft doing its own experimentation around open source.” - Matt Assay, Cnet
  • "The Touchless SDK is a set of .Net components that can be used to simulate the gestural interfaces of devices like the iPhone in thin air -- using nothing fancier than an ordinary USB Webcam." - Neil McAllister, Fatal Exception

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